Reason 1: It’s Not Always About Risk, There Are Opportunities Today



We have helped clients allocate strategically to sectors with tremendous investment opportunities. Our planning process helps us mutually discover the level and suitability of an investment for you.

IFAST (a platform partner of ours) has given glowing reports to a particular sector and if you would like to find out more on this suggestion, do contact us directly.


Reason 2: Urgency To Compounding Your Savings Early

Ever wondered why Warren Buffett is one of the riches in the world? He is a shining example of compounding wealth successfully and for a long period of time.

You may have heard that the “compounding effect” being referred to as the “eight” wonder of the world.  We have extracted this table to show how you can exponentially grow your savings. An investor who has started out by investing and compounding will become far better off than someone who starts much later.

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Reason 3: Dangers Of Inflation

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Inflation historically averages at about 2-3% and it seems to be picking up. The problem with inflation is that it makes your money today worth less in future. It means the same food, transportation, etc. will become more expensive over time. If prices goes up faster than your interest gain through a savings account, in real purchase power terms, you would have lost money.

There are low risk methods that we can provide you with to at least grow your savings at an above inflation rate.


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